Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ok! time for another update!!

haha. the title's so tacky -_-"

anyways, i've been contemplating if i shld just close down this blog and concentrate on my wordpress blog.. although technically they both serve different purposes, but yeah.. it's taking too much effort to maintain & keep both active!! what do you think readers? :)

can't believe i'm at the end of my 3rd week of 6th year. gosh, time FLIES!!!! without me even realizing it. it's been a busy busy busy 3 weeks. who says 6th year is free huh?! i've been coming bck past 6pm everyday (and that's considered early).. i'm not exactly complaining, because i am doing the elective of my choice - ENT! *woot* and it has been really good - in terms of experience and exposure.. not to mention daunting, because it is such a diverse specialty, and when i think my anatomy's pretty fair - well, think again christine. reading anatomy in books, and seeing it LIFE (3D) is so so so different. so vast. so much knowledge out there waiting for me to acquire. but it's a good kind of daunting - not i NEED to study because i want to pass my exams kind, but i want to study because i want to know. so it's cool that way!

like i mentioned in my previous post, chris has moved out. *sobs* no more walking 2 doors away to see him, no more dinners together, no more free room-to-room calls.. and although we're in the same hospital, we haven't even had chance to have lunch together cos i'm always in theatre :( before those in LDRs stone me, i know i shldn't complaint) it's just that, i guess it takes some getting used to la.. right? but am glad that he & rahul has found a place to stay, and are settling in nicely now. his place is just opposite CIBO's ok (btw, Cibo's serves only the BEST mochaccino & iced coffee imho). how unfair is that??!! haha.. and he's a stone's throw away from the shopping street. how unfair is that??!! (oh have i said that already??) :P

have started bible college!! :) the best part is, chris & i are doing together.. and our first module is Old Testament Survey which has been AWESOME! ps Greg rocks. haha.. the bible rocks! God rocks!! all these misconceptions abt the OT being impossible to understand is being proved wrong one by one.. interesting!! nothing close to being boring.

despite our busy schedule, we somehow managed to fit in a valentine's day celebration & catch a movie together. teehee.. in fact, we watched 2 movies since we got bck! Revolutionary Road & Slumdog Millionaire. *contented smile*

here's one of my favourite picture to end this post :D


Elaine Gan said...

Wow you've been studying med for 6 years?! Time do fly, I keep thinking you're 21 years old ;)

christine said...

yea.. time flies right?! i wish i was still 21. sigh. i'm kinda wayyy past that now. haha..